Tour De Minnesota Winter Storm – 11/30/2015

After documenting the winter storm in Windom, MN the following footage is from around Minnesota while I took the long drive home via Interstate 90 to Interstate 35 to Interstate 94.

Various clips of snow plows, cars in the ditch, and airplane deicing from Albert Lea MN to Saint Cloud MN with a stop in Minneapolis, MN.

Clip 1 – 4 Snow plows at dusk in Cottonwood County, MN

Clip 5 POV Snow plow on Interstate 90 near Albert Lea, MN

Clip 6 Car in the ditch near Albert Lea, MN on Interstate 35

Clip 7 Cars in the ditch on Highway 77 in Burnsville, MN

Clip 8 Car in the ditch with a tow truck in Burnsville, MN on Highway 77

Clip 9 Snow plows in Interstate 35W in Minneapolis, MN

Clip 10 Snow plow in Minneapolis, MN at 36th street and 35W

Clip 11 – 15 Airplane De-Icing at Minneapolis International Airport

Clip 16 Driving in heavy snow on Interstate 35w in Minneapolis, MN

Clip 17 Entering Interstate 94 from Interstate 35W in downtown Minneapolis, MN with the skyline.

Clip 18 Car crashed on the side of the road and being pulled back by a tow truck on Interstate 94 in Monticello, MN.

Clip 19 – 20 Driving in heavy snow on I94 near Monticello, MN.

Clip 21 Snow plow in I94 near Clear Lake, MN.

Clip 22-25 Snow plows around Saint Cloud, MN