Windom, MN Winter Storm – 11/30/2015

The powerful winter storm that is taking aim on the upper Midwest started unleashing on the drivers in southwestern Minnesota with freezing rain and mist, followed by heavy snow.

Footage show around Windom, MN which is in Cottonwood County just east of Sioux Falls, SD.

Clip 1 MN DOT Plow truck treating Highway 60 east of Windom before the worst of the storm hit.

Clip 2 The weather went from tame to insane within a half an hour as heavy wet snow covered the ice mist covered roadway. Audio of me talking about the roads and how they suck.

Clip 3 Snow plow on Highway 60 in Windom.

Clip 4-5 Police on the scene of a wreck on Highway 60 in Windom.

Clip 6 POV tow truck and police on the scene of a wreck.

Clip 7 Traffic in Windom on Highway 60, Truck spinning its wheels almost wipes out.

Clip 8 Man standing in the snow waiting to walk across the road.

Clip 9 Tight shot of the top of the court house with snow on it.

Clip 10 Someone shoveling snow in front of a ICE machine at a gas station.

Clip 11 – 13 Man shoveling snow, (did not want to be interviewed).

Clip 14 Woman cleaning off the snow on her car.

Clip 15 Long shot of someone shoveling.

Clip 16 Snow plowing with trees in the back ground.

Clip 17 Snow plowing with a strong crosswinds sign.

Clip 18 Traffic on Highway 60 in the snow.

Clip 19 Pull back shot of a Snow plow on highway 60.

Clip 20 Front end loader plowing snow in Windom.

Clip 21 Pull back shot of a snow plow in Windom.

Clip 22 – 23 POV driving on highway 60 in heavy snow.

Clip 24 POV snow plow passing in oncoming traffic.

Clip 25 POV driving on highway 60 in heavy snow.