Freezing Rain on Interstate 70 in Kansas – 11/28/2015

The ice storm that hit the Central Plains over Thanksgiving was still producing freezing rain with poor visibility at time down i70 on Saturday afternoon, November 28, 2015. The temp ranged between 30-32 degrees between Salina, Kansas and Topeka, Kansas where the icy conditions were the worst. There was one spin out in the Flint Hill that had resulted in a wreck.

1 – 2. Driving shot of a plow truck out checking Interstate conditions with an electronic board in Fort Riley, KS about the the road conditions

3. Close up zoomed out shot of the Welcome sign going into the Flint Hills

4 – 5. Driving shot of response police and sheriffs driving to the sight of a spin off accident in low visibility

6. Driving shot of a spin off accident on i70

7. Driving shot of cars driving fast and passing on i70 in freezing rain with poor visibility

8. Wide driving shot of i70 on the Turnpike with a winter weather advisory electronic sign