Near Blizzard Conditions in Bloomington, IL – 11/21/2015

Near blizzard conditions continued into the afternoon across northern IL as winds gusting up to 35mph caused near zero visibility on area highways. Numerous accidents were reported all across the region in and around Bloomington as slick roads and winds made for a very difficult drive for big rigs.

Scene 1-2 (no audio on this camera): Long dash camera shot approaching a jack-knife accident scene, starts from a distance and shows how quickly it came into view and how cars had to slam on their brakes. Camera car, to avoid hitting the semi behind him, drifted onto the left shoulder and came to a stop in time to avoid going into the median or hitting the truck. Scene 2 then shows the car moving out of the way to avoid a car coming up fast from behind. The car missed the camera car by less than a foot as it sped by. Had the driver not looked to see him approaching in the mirror, the vehicle would\'ve slammed into them. He was able to move enough out of the way to avoid being hit.

Scene 3-6: Shots of the jack-knifed semi accident scene, including final shot going around the back of the truck and clearing the scene.

Scene 7 (no audio dash cam): Shot of orange semi off into the snow on the right side of the road.

Scene 8: Shot of a FedEx truck that jack-knifed into a road sign in north Bloomington, shot as driving slowly by.

Scene 9(no audio dash cam): Wide shot of Fedex truck into sign.

Scene 10-12: Various POV driving shots of near white-out driving conditions along I-39 near Bloomington.

Scene 13-14: Shots of cars coming off exit ramp from I-39 north of Bloomington in the heavy windy snow.