Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow & Wind Damage 11/19/2015

Strong winds hit Rice Lake WI area along with heavy snow showers.

Clip 1. Flags blowing in the strong winds.
Clip 2. Weeds blowing in the wind.
Clip 3. A Oak tree blown down across a dirt road near Rice Lake,WI.
Clip 4-5. Heavy snow band moving in.
Clip 6. Pine trees with snow falling.
Clip 7-8 Heavy snow falling and blowing across a road.
Clip 9. Heavy snow falling with a fire hydrate.
Clip 10. Snow/blowing snow with a farm in the background.
Clip 11. Snow on the grass.
Clip 12. Snow sticking to a fire hydrate.
Clip 13. A closer look at the snow sticking to a fire hydrate.
Clip 14. White caps on a river from the strong winds.