The Blizzard Continues into the evening in Goodland Kansas – 11/17/2015

The Blizzard warning continues for parts of eastern Colorado and western Kansas as Interstate 70 is still shut down and stranding motorists.

Goodland, KS experienced Blizzard conditions throughout the day on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Whiteout conditions and blowing snow were the main concerns throughout the day.

1 – 3. Medium, wide, and close shots of semi trucks parked at a Travel Stop on Hwy 27 and i70

4. Driving shot of a car pulling onto the road in almost whiteout conditions

5. Bobcat clearing the drive of Sonic

6. Walmarts parking lot being plowed

7. Driving shot of whiteout conditions on Hwy 27

8. Medium shot of the Holiday Inn Express in blizzard conditions

9. Medium shot of the i70 and hwy27 road signs in whiteout conditions

10. Driving shot of whiteout conditions on Hwy 27

11 – 12. Driving shot on hwy24 of blowing snow with patches of clearing

13 – 14. Snow being moved around by a tractor

15. Driving shot of downtown Goodland, KS with blowing snow

16. Static medium shot of extreme blowing snow

17 – 23. Medium and wide shots of a semi stuck in the grass with extremely high wind gusts and police officers helping by navigating traffic in front of the Holiday Inn Express in Goodland, KS