Gas Line Fire in Jefferson, PA, / 11/6/2015

During the evening hours of Thursday November 5th, several fire companies from southern York county, Pennsylvania (some of which included Jefferson, Spring Grove, Porters Sideling fire stations) responded to a gas line explosion with a structure fire in Jefferson, Pennsylvania. The fire was brought under control quickly due to several factors including the Jefferson fire dept\'s proximity, (only several blocks away). The fire did damage the rear part of a house and destroyed a small shed. The gas line fire was kept under control until the gas was turned off. It was thought that the damp leaves may have kept the fire from spreading quickly to area buildings. An entire side of this building was covered in over-grown vines.

Scenes 1 – 9 Shed on fire, gas line on fire with water keeping it cool.

Scene 10 – Firefighters walking up alley

Scene 11 – Mayor of Jefferson, Pa talks with police officers

Scene 12 – Police officers and firefighters

Scene 13 – 14 Front shot of house undamaged by fire, trees with lots of leaves, leaves seen in rain spouts with vines

Scene 15 – Small wheel blowing in wind

Scene 16 – Leaves on tree branch blowing in wind

Scene 17 – 20 Firefighters digging hole looking for gas main

Scenes 21 – 30 Various shots and angles of fire equipment and personnel in downtown Jefferson, Pa at night.