Upper Midwest Warm Temps And South Breezes Return – 10/18/2015

Video Package Focusing on the rapid return of Warm Summer-like Temperatures and sunny skies in the Upper Midwest at the peak of a near record breaking pace fall Farming and Harvest year!

Video Footage Includes:

1. Bending Flag and pole ripping in the strong warm south winds with trees swaying in the background.

2. Ripping and whipping flag in the 30MPH south winds.

3. Halloween inflatable pumpkins and ghosts tip over and rock in the strong southerly winds.

4. POV Ghost inflatable blowing in the winds.

5. Large Combine approach POV as it nears the end of a massive corn field collecting grain.

6. Corn being dumped into a large grain truck close up POV.

7. Combine and grain truck pouring corn into the truck under sunny skies.

8. Four wheel drive tractor plowing up a dry complete farm field.

9. Northern Mallard ducks stopping near Morris Minnesota on their migration southward.

10. Ducks and a tranquil fall water scene with red leaves falling into the waters.