10/9/2015 York County, PA Severe Thunderstorm B-Roll

During Friday afternoon a number of severe thunderstorms pass through the south central part of Pennsylvania during evening rush hour. Heavy rains and high winds make for slow going traffic.
Emigsville, Pa footage :

Scenes 1 through 7: Heavy rains and high winds from severe thunderstorm.


Etters, Pa footage below :

Scenes 8 through 10: Storm clouds in distance

Scenes 11 through 13: Stormy looking skies, gusty winds blowing through the trees, gusty winds blowing street sign and power lines.

Scenes 14 Through 20: Rain falling on parking lot, water flowing into storm drain, traffic in rain in parking lot.

Scene 21: Traffic driving through rain with wipers on.


York, Pa footage below:

Scene 22 through 24: Traffic on East Market Street driving through ponded water.

Scene 25 & 26 : Rain water flowing into storm drain on East Market Street.

Scene 27 : Unknown motorist blasting car horn.