Insane video of Pickup Truck swept away Columbia SC Floods and rescue – 10/4/2015

New footage of the insane flooding happening in Columbia, SC as the driver of this pickup truck drives into the flooded waters and is swept away.   Footage continues as someone goes out the help the driver as the truck is pinned up against a tree.  Footage ends with the water rescue by EMS personnel.

Shot 1 shows a truck driving through flooded roads with moving water

Shot 2 shows the truck being swept away in the current

Shot 3 shows rescuers making 1 rescue of a good samaratin who swam out to the truck

Shot 4 shows the first person (driver) being brought onto shore

Shot 5 shows a good samaratin who tried to swim out to help, hanging for dear life in trees

Shot 6 shows a good samaratin kicking out the windows of the truck to get the driver out

Shot 7 shows the driver coming out of the vehicle