Extreme Flooding Charleston, SC – 10/4/2015

Catastrophic Flooding from training storms that keep moving over the same areas of the Charleston, SC Tri County, Area.   

Shot 1 is a tight shot on multiple vehicles abandoned, with water over the hoods of the vehicles.

Shot 2 shows people wading through water to get to flooded cars and a local gas station.

Shot 3 is a tight shot of an Audi SUV with rising waters, and other abandoned vehicles in the background.

Shot 4 is a wide shot of multiple cars abandoned.

Shot 5 shows a truck coming through flooding.

Shot 6 shows water entering homes and businesses

Shot 7 shows a flooded intersection in downtown Charleston

Shot 8 shows a truck plowing through a flooded road

Shot 9 shows ocean water breaking over the wall

Shot 10 shows people kayaking in flooded city streets

Shot 11 shows a biker carrying his bike down a flooded street

Shot 12 shows a car under water

Shot 13 shows someone riding a moped through flooded sidewalks