Tampa Bay ,FL Stormy weather with winds and rain

Storms are flaring up over Tampa Bay's Skyway Bridge area as the cold front pushes down from the north.
TRT 2:00

Shot List:
1) Skyway bridge obscured in rain.
2) Storm cloud and rain shaft with boat. Wide.
3) Boat trying to out run the storm in rough bay waters.
4) Wide shot of storm over bay with seagulls flying through frame in wind.
5) Boat and people in rain gear on Tampa Bay in rain.
6) Rain shafts over Ft Desoto area.
7) Boat running from weather in rough bay water.
8) Flags blowing hard at Blackthorn memorial at Skyway fishing pier.
9) Palms blowing in wind.
10) US, POW, and FL state flags blowing in wind wiht storm clouds.
11) Fishing pier sign.
12) Guys fishing from pier with shirts blowing in wind.
13) Storm clouds from fishing pier.
14) Father & daughter fishing from pier showing rough bay waters in wind.
15) Shot of Skyway bridge from fishing pier.