9/5/2015 Sarasota, FL Evening Beach Storm Footage

Shelf cloud and thunderstorm rolled in around sunset time chasing people off the beach with lightning and very heavy rain. CG lightning on Siesta Key beach and heavy rain soaking the Labor day tourists in Siesta village.

Shot list:

1) Shelf cloud moving from inland towards the coast on Siesta Beach.
2) Black storm clouds over beach and Gulf of Mexico waters.
3) People taking down their canopy to leave the beach.
4) People quickly exiting the beach.
5) Shelf cloud moving out over Gulf of Mexico.
6) More black clouds over beach and water.
7) Lightning CG on left from black shelf cloud over coast, wide.
8) Lightning flashes.
9) Big CG lightning, wide.
10) Another great CG bolt, tight.
11) Lightning CG and green power flash follows as power grid is hit.
12) Another CG.
13) Flash blow in wind and lightning flashes behind.
14) Tourist crossing busy crosswalk in Siesta Village in extremely heavy rain.
15,16) Young woman running & splashing in heavy rain and lightning flashing.
17) Siesta village traffic in extremely heavy rain and lightning flashing.
18) Street light and heavy rain.
19) Parked SUV and heavy rain and lightning flash.