8/29/2015 Seattle & Lynnwood WA High Winds, Damage & Power Outage

Severe winds, at times gusting to sustained peaks of 70 mph, brought down power poles and electrical lines onto passing vehicles along HW 99 in the northern portions of Seattle. No injuries were sustained from the incident included on this video (affected car was towed; mini-van sustained secondary damage; both were moving when pole gave way). One of the hardest hit regions was Lynnwood, 28-minutes north of Seattle. Numerous trees were downed, along with widespread power outages affecting most residents (in/around Lynnwood). Sunshine and light sprinkles of rain created a blustery environment in downtown Seattle along the Pike Place/boardwalk region. Significant winds eventually subsided by 3 p.m. Order of VO: Winds in downtown Seattle, tree damage in Lynnwood, WA, power pole/lines down onto vehicle on HW99 north of downtown Seattle at Aurora Ave N and N. 77th St intersection; continues into video from boardwalk/shoreline of Seattle, and concludes with Pikes Place Market wide close.