8/20/2015 Hanover, PA Heavy Rains Building Fire Hanover by Lightning

Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain head through the southern Pennsylvania area this afternoon. Storms also included several flash flood warnings in many parts of southern Pennsylvania including York & Adams counties.

Video footage is of heavy rains, ponding waters in downtown Hanover, Pennsylvania and also of emergency equipment that responded to a building fire in downtown Hanover, Pennsylvania on Carlisle street. Fire was caused by a possible lightning strike and as of 2 pm had not yet been confirmed.

Scenes 1 & 2 : Internal cam view vehicle with bobcat going through ponded water.

Scene 3: Internal cam view vehicles driving through intersection with ponded water and heavy rains

Scene 4: Internal cam view ponded water gathering in intersection with heavy rains.

Scenes 5,6,7: Man standing outside with umbrella and traffic driving through ponded water in intersection.

Scene 8: Water running out of spouting.

Scene 9: Vehicles driving through ponded water on street

Scenes 10,11,12: Water running down hill by road closed sign and water running down alley

Scene 13 : Ponding water on Carlise Street with emergency equipment on street.

Scenes 14 & 15 : Water running over base of cones.

Scene 16 : Lady walking on sidewalk in rain.

Scene 17 : Smoke rising from building

Scene 18 : Smoke rising from building, heavy rains, emergency equipment at scene.

Scene 19 : Smoke obscuring buildings, emergency equipment in background, lady walking in rain with umbrella.

Scene 20 : Firefighters out in rain by engine 46, lady walking in rain.

Scene 21 : American Red Cross van drives down street in heavy rains, lady walking down sidewalk with umbrella, fireman hauls equipment.