8/6/2015 Volga, SD Brief Tornadoand and Storm Structure B-roll

Supercell near Volga, South Dakota produces brief tornado and amazing storm structure

Shot 1: Brief tornado west of Volga, South Dakota
Shot 2: Wall cloud over Volga, South Dakota
Shot 3: Pan of supercell structure
Shot 4: High Precipitation supercell structure
Shot 5: High Precipitation supercell structure zoomed in
Shot 6: Supercell structure out the window
Shot 7: High winds and heavy rain
Shot 8: High winds and heavy rain
Shot 9: Chase vehicle in really strong winds
Shot 10: Amazing storm structure
Shot 11: Time lapse of storm structure
Shot 12: Vivid Rainbow at the end of the chase day
Shot 13: Mammatus clouds at sunset
Shot 14: close up of mammatus at sunset