7/20/2015 Johnson County, IL Tornado Warned Storm

Severe storms erupted across southern IL prompting several tornado warnings as the storms blasted east/southeast across southern Illinois.  While no tornadoes were reported, storms lit up the skies with lightning and did knock down a couple trees.  Very heavy rains also slowed traffic as they reduced visibilities to near zero at times as the wind-blown rain moved in.  A severe thunderstorm watch was issued Monday evening across the region as the line of storms formed and moved through into Kentucky.

Footage shot along US-45 south of Vienna in Johnson County, Illinois, roughly about 30 miles northwest of Paducah.

Scene 1-2: Cumulus towers illuminated in the setting sun glow gold in color.

Scene 3: Two close vivid lightning strikes.

Scene 4-7: Stormy clouds and scud tags on the leading edge of the storm.

Scene 8-11: POV driving shots in near-blinding rain.

Scene 12-14: Shots of very heavy rain in street lights.

Scene 15-16: Skies a blood red color after the storm passes and the sun sets with lightning illuminations.

Scene 17-20: Shots of the distant storms as near-constant lightning illuminates the clouds.

Scene 21-24: Several shots of a large tree partially blocking a road after the storm.