7/17/2015 Sisseton, SD Extreme Hail Storm & Tornado Warned Storm

Tornado warned storms pounded the area around Sisseton, SD with huge hail, high winds and funnel clouds.

Footage shows the vivid storm structure along with baseball sized hail hitting the area.

Clip 1 Time Lapse of the wild storm structure of the storm north of Sisseton, SD.

Clip 2 Storm with lightning

Clip 3 Storm with lightning.

Clip 4 Storm inflow

Clip 5 Storm inflow

Clip 6 Driving as the hail starts to fall west of Sisseton, SD.

Clip 7 POV shot as the large hail starts to fall

Clip 8 Car passing by in the hail storm.

Clip 9 Hail falling and smashing into the roadway.

Clip 10 Hail falling into the ditch.

Clip 11 POV shot of hail falling.

Clip 12 Hail falling on the ground.

Clip 13 POV driving shot as the hail falls.

Clip 14 Roof camera of the hail falling while driving.

Clip 15 Huge hail falling at the Valley View Golf Club in Sisseton, SD. Sign of the golf club with hail falling that is golf ball and base ball sized.

Clip 16 – 18 Hail falling on the golf course.

Clip 19 Roof camera with hail falling.

Clip 20 – 21 More hail falling on the golf course.

Clip 22 After the hail storm, huge hail stones cover the golf course.

Clip 23 – 25 B-Roll of the large hail stones that are golf ball to base ball sized.

Clip 26 What was reported as a tornado, possible but looks like rising motion into the storm south of Sisseton.

Clip 27 Lightning and the second storm south of Sisseton, SD.

Clip 28 POV shot of driving in total white or washout conditions with near zero visibility.