6/29/2015 Twin Cities Rush Hour Hail Storm

The Twin Cities metro area got one hail of a afternoon rush hour as severe storms dropped large hail, heavy rain and high winds across the north and west metro area.

First four clips from Blane, MN
Clip 1 Traffic Jam as drivers block the 610 and 10 interchange area to hide from the hail under the over pass and made for an extremely dangerous situation as traffic was barely stopping in time in the low visibility.

Clip 2 Truck stuck in traffic being hit with hail.

Clip 3 Silver car stuck in traffic being hit with hail.

Clip 4 Wide shot of side mounted GoPro of the hail falling on motorists.

(Clip 5-6 from Elk River, MN)
Clip 5 Showing the storm moving into the north metro.

Clip 6 Clouds with rising motion at 200% speed time lapse.

(Clip 7 – 17 from Maple Grove, MN)
Clip 7 – 13 Very heavy rain, wind and large hail falling County Road 10 in Maple Grove.

Clip 14 Clouds lowering as hail falls and the road ends due to construction

Clip 15-17 Hail falling on the dirt road and in the standing water in the construction zone.

(Clip 18 – 22 From Plymouth, MN)
Clip 18 Hail falling on a roadway in Plymouth,MN.

Clip 19 POV shot of hail falling on the road.

Clip 20 Hail falling and hitting a roof in the distance.

Clip 21 Traffic getting on Interstate 494 and 55 with flooded roads.

Clip 22 POV shot driving in large hail and poor visibility. Traffic in the northbound lanes was at a stand still and there is probably a lot of hail damaged vehicles now from these storms.

(Clip 23- end from 494 southbound in Minnetonka, MN.)
Clip 23 Still on 494 at Minnetonka Blvd. and driving in large hail.

Clip 24 – 25 POV shots driving in the hail at 394 and Highway 7 driving south bound through Minnetonka.