6/27/2015 Lancaster County, PA Severe Storms Flooding Car Crash In House

Severe storms and flooding head into the south eastern part of Pennsylvania today. Several inches of rain contribute to some areas flooding and ponding of water on main roadways such as U.S.30 in the Lancaster, Pa area. Slippery road conditions contribute to a vehicle sliding off of the roadway and into the corner of a house outside of Strasburg, Pa. Despite the less than appealing weather, the Strasburg railroad still has plenty of customers.

Scenes 1-3 Winds blowing through tree -wide,medium,zoomed shots.(Ephrata, Pa)

Scenes 4-6 Traffic on wet roadways -wide,medium,zoomed shots.(Denver, Pa)

Scenes 7&8 Low clouds -wide & medium shots (Denver, Pa)

Scenes 9-11 Traffic on U.S.30 during severe thunderstorm/heavy rains -wide,medium,rear camera view (Lancaster, Pa)

Scenes 12-19 Ponding & slight flooding of water on U.S.30 with heavy traffic -multiple views & single scene camera on ground being splashed (Lancaster, Pa)

Scenes 20-24 Multiple shots emergency response vehicles and vehicle traffic at scene of vehicle crash into house, Silver Infiniti Sedan almost crashes into Jeep SUV (Strasburg, Pa)

Scenes 25-30 Multiple shots of crashed vehicle into house, Pa State Trooper measuring distance, crashed vehicle moved onto rollback, vehicle towed away from scene. (Strasburg, Pa)

Scenes 30-32 Strasburg Railroad train passes by, 2nd shot from ground camera of same. (Strasburg, Pa)