6/25/2015 Western, IL Severe Storms & Flooding B-Roll

Severe storms developed across portions of eastern Missouri and western Illinois and were impacting areas already dealing with flooding due to the previous heavy rains swelling the Mississippi River to Moderate Flood Stage. These storms formed and trained along the same areas, prompting not only the severe thunderstorm warnings, but flash flood warnings as well.

Video package includes two segments, the first of the evening storms as they moved across Fairview Heights, IL, a western (Illinois) suburb of the St. Louis Metro area with high winds and heavy rains. The second segment includes footage from the flood-impacted town of Grafton, north of St. Louis on the Illinois side of the river, as severe storms move in to that area.


Scenes 1-3: Establishing shots of storm clouds over Fairview Heights.

Scenes 4-9: Various POV driving shots of torrential rains and severely hampered visibilities.

Scene 10: Shot of passing traffic with tree blowing hard in the wind.

Scene 11-15: Various shots of traffic in the high winds and rain.

Scene 16: Semi truck on the side of an off-ramp.

Scene 17-19: Shots of heavy rain and wind in lights.

PART 2 (2:41-6:21) GRAFTON, IL

With the Mississippi River at moderate flood stage, the town of Grafton did not need any more rain, but severe storms rolled over the area with another round of torrential downpours. The river crested over the weekend and was slowly falling until today, and is expected to rise and crest again early next week just under 29\', or major flood stage. Footage includes shots of town during the storm, then documenting the ongoing flooding as the storm passes over.

Scene 20: Establishing shot of the Grafton sign with heavy rain falling.

Scene 21: POV driving shot through downtown in the rain.

Scene 22: I-DOT sign warning drivers of closed highway due to high water.

Scene 23-24: Shots of a Grafton neighborhood that is blocked by flooding and debris, shot during the storm.

Scene 25: Barricade blocking neighborhood due to flooding.

Scene 26: Shot of house in flood waters.

Scene 27-28: Main Street of Grafton covered in flood waters.

Scene 29: Business in Grafton surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 30-31: Wide and tight shots of a crane in the flood waters on Main Street.

Scene 32-35: Shots of a man in a boat in front of homes that were flooded as the street is part of the river now.

Scene 36-39: Various shots of buildings surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 40-42: Various shots of stop signs in flood waters.

Scene 43: Cool shot as storm moves by of a home completely surrounded by water with the storm clouds in the background.