6/25/2015 Valley City, IL Illinois River Major Flood Stage

The Illinois River in west-central Illinois is in Major Flood Stage and continues to rise thanks to the heavy rains that have continuously moved over the region over the last week. More rains fell overnight, up to 3 inches, which continue to add to the flood threat.

Video package documents two towns being impacted by the flooding along the Illinois River. The first part is shot in Naples, IL in Scott County along the east bank of the river. The second part is shot in Valley City in Pike County along the west bank of the river. These areas are approximately 50 miles west of Springfield, IL.

The level at Valley Center is expected to rise two feet over Major Flood Stage before slowly receding next week. This would be within two feet of the 27\' record flood stage set in 1943 and fall within the top 10 crests of the river at this location.

PART 1 (0:00-2:00) Naples, IL

Opens with a shot of a pickup truck driving through the flooded parking lot of the Evandy\'s Boatel and Restaurant after closing the establishment and removing propane tanks from the property. Follows up with various shots of the restaurant as the two employees wrap up closing and loading the tanks. With the water levels expected to rise at least another foot or more, they expect to remain closed through next week. Segment ends with shots of nearby flooded roads.

PART 2 (2:01-3:47) Valley Center, IL

Various shots of highway signs and buildings surrounded by flood waters. Also includes guys docking a boat to a truck in the flood waters.