6/20/2015 Ottumwa IA Lightning Wind Flood

Footage of frequent close lightning strikes, flash flooding, severe high winds, tree damage from severe high winds, wall clouds, and shelf clouds from/near Ottumwa, IA. Another round of powerful storms strikes the Plains States and Midwest causing severe high winds and flooding.

All footage shot during afternoon daylight on June 20, 2015 near Ottumwa, IA.

Shot List:

1-22. various shots of lightning near Ottumwa, IA

23-27. various shots of rotating wall cloud near Ottumwa, IA

28-31. various shots of an ominous shelf cloud bearing down on Ottumwa, IA

32-39. various shots of high winds pummeling Ottumwa, IA (cars seek shelter from storm under gas station)

40-44. various shots of large tree branch balancing on powerline after being snapped from severe winds in Ottumwa, IA

45-49. various shots of flash flooding with cars driving through in Ottumwa, IA

50 & 51. pushed-in shots of heavy rain falling in Ottumwa, IA causing flash flooding