6/17/2015 Southwest, SD Intense Lightning, Storms and Rainbows

Severe storms erupt over South Dakota on Wednesday, both day and night. Video package is a two-parter, the first documenting the close and intensely vivid lightning, wind, and rain overnight as well as some of the daytime stuff.

PART 1: Overnight Lightning, Wind & Rain in SPEARFISH, SD

A line of storms moved into the western parts of South Dakota overnight Wednesday, one of which was tornado-warned as it moved over the town of Spearfish bringing very intense lightning, wind and rain. No tornadoes were reported with this line of storms.

First series of shots includes some very close and vivid lightning strikes in Spearfish before the storm rolls in.

Second series of shots includes the high winds and rain as the storm moved over.

PART 2: Daytime Severe Storms from RAPID CITY, SD

Daytime footage of a supercell that developed over Rapid City and moved across the city bringing heavy rains, wind and hail. A beautiful rainbow was found on the backside of the storm.

First series of shots shots the brilliant rainbow and backside structure.

Second series of shots shows the wall cloud and as it goes through various lifecycles over Rapid City. Included is a timelapse of the gathering clouds at the storms\'s base.

Third series of shots includes POV footage of driving in the rain with various vehicles in the shots.