6/16/2015 Hartville, WY Golfball Size Hail and storm B-Roll

As Tropical Storm Bill ravages Texas with torrential rains, Ma-Nature ravages parts of Wyoming and Nebraska with frozen balls of ice, some exceeding golfball size. Numerous storms exploded over the region Tuesday afternoon exhibiting very ominous structure, several funnel reports, and numerous reports of large hail. This is the start of what is shaping up to be a multi-day threat of severe weather across the northern Plains into the weekend.

Video package shot seven miles north of Hartville, WY in southern Goshen County, which is south of Lusk and northwest of Torrington.

Scene 1: Establishing shot of structure with wicked color.

Scene 2: Shot of wall cloud and structure.

Scene 3: POV driving shot approaching storm with hail core visible on right side.

Scene 4: Shot of hail starting to fall and cover WY-270 north of Hartville.

Scene 5: Hail bouncing like popcorn in the grass as it covers WY-270.

Scene 6: Shot of hail bouncing around in the grass.

Scene 7: Hail covering the road.

Scene 8-11: Various shots of hail hitting the road, grass, and puddles.

Scene 12: Oncoming truck driving over hail covered road.

Scene 13-14: POV driving shots of hail completely covering the road.

Scene 15: Two oncoming vehicles driving over hail-covered road.

Scene 16: Tight shot of hail with a ruler measuring a stone just over 1.75-inches in diameter.

Scene 17: Shot of four hailstones with ruler, lime, and golfball.

Scene 18: Tight shot of two stones with ruler.

Scene 19: Four hailstones in hand.

Scene 20-21: Hail drifts in the grass.