6/14/2015 Lenawee County MI Rain & Street Flooding

Several rounds of storms impacted southern lower Michigan including the NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway (MIS). Heavy rain fell causing traffic to slow for race traffic and commuters alike. The storms also caused delays at the racetrack. Standing water caused some issues in parking lots and flooded roadways.

Scene 1: MIS direction sign with rain.

Scene 2: MIS direction sign and traffic with rain.

Scene 3: Welcome Race Fans sign with rain.

Scene 4: 127/12 highway directional signs with rain.

Scene 5: Race traffic with rain.

Scene 6-7: Heavy downpours.

Scene 8: Race traffic with rain.

Scene 9: Person walking into gas station during rain.

Scene 10-11: Traffic on flooded roadway.

Scene 12: Camper in standing water.

Scene 13: Motorist driving through standing water.

Scene 14: Motorist backing into parking spot with standing water.

Scene 15-16: Storm has passed into the distance.