6/8/2015 York County, PA Severe Thunderstorm

Footage is from northern & southern areas of York County, Pennsylvania (York-New Salem, Strinestown, York, Yocumtown) as storms pass through the area. Most storms are severe warned but tornado watches are issued throughout the day (as well as a few tornado warnings) in other parts of Pennsylvania.

Scenes 1 – 3 Rear cam view of traffic on Interstate 83, N&S directions, heavy rains, slow traffic, & a few CG lightning strikes in the distance. Scene 3 is a \" wide view \".

Scene 4 – Traffic lights swaying in wind.

Scenes 5 & 6 – Heavy rains, blowing winds, single vehicles

Scenes 7 – 9 – Multiple shots traffic driving through ponded roadway in York – New Salem, Pa. Some traffic driving slowly, some traffic driving fast.

Scene 10 – Longer clip (20 secs) multiple vehicles driving at slow speeds through ponded roadway (rear cam view).

Scene 11 – 14 – Camera on ground view, multiple vehicles driving through ponded water on roadway and splashing camera. Some vehicles driving fast, others normal speeds