6/6/2015 Stratton, CO Golfball Hailer

A large supercell developed in the foothills south of Denver and moved across the entire eastern half of Colorado, spending two hours of that trek tornado-warned. The high-based storm had a reported tornado, but was otherwise a copious hailer.

Video package shot from about 10 miles north of Stratton, Colorado in Kit Carson County.

Scene 1: A 15-second timelapse of the updraft tower exploding over an 8-minute span of time.

Scene 2-5: Various establishing shots of the tornado-warned supercell.

Scene 6-8: Various shots of wind and rain as the leading edge of the storm hits.

Scene 9-16: Shots as the hail comes down, up to golfball size. Includes shots of hail impacting the road and nearby fields.

Scene 17: Oncoming car drives through standing water and hail on the road.

Scene 18-19: POV shots of hail completely covering the road.

Scene 20: Panning shot of car driving on hail and through some muddy standing water.

Scene 21: Shot of a passing car on hail covered road.

Scene 22: Truck pulling a camper pulls out onto hail covered road.

Scene 23: Panning shot of flowing water carrying hailstones through hail drifts.

Scene 24: Shots of hail in hand compared to golfball and a lime, but the lime scampers off nd jumps from the hand (video camera shy)

Scene 25: Shot of hail covered yard with a house with hail covering the roof.

Scene 26: Truck and camper in shallow layer of hail fog.

Scene 27-28: Shots of hail measured up to 1.50\" compared to golfball and lime.

Scene 29: Tight shot of hail covering the ground.