5/28/2015 Western, KS Tornadoes and Severe Storms B-Roll

Severe storms erupted across western Kansas dropping several tornadoes, large hail, high winds, and rains. A large supercell blew up over Tribune, Kansas and moved east into Scott City before lining out. In its path, it dropped nearly half a dozen tornadoes and hail up to 2.50-inches in diameter.

PART 1 (0:00-0:52) Tribune, KS

Scene 1: Structure shot, wall cloud near Tribune.

Scene 2: Structure shot of developing funnel near Tribune.

Scene 3-4: Blowing dust from storm near Tribune.

PART 2 (0:53-3:37) Wichita County, KS

Scene 5: Rapidly rotating wall cloud.

Scene 6: Timelapse of rotating wall cloud.

Scene 7: Wall cloud just before tornado.

Scene 8-9: Dashcam footage of tornadoes near KS-25 north of Lydia, Kansas.

Scene 10: Dashcam shot of driving through high winds.

Scene 11: Rain-wrapped tornado west of Friend, KS.

Scene 12-14: Dash cam shots of large hail covering a dirt road in Wichita County.

Scene 14-18: Shots of tennis-ball sized hail landing in a nearby field and splashing up water from the ground.

Scene 19: POV driving shot in hail.

PART 3 (3:37-4:25) Scott City, KS

Scene 20-21: POV driving shots of high winds and rain approaching Scott City.

Scene 22: Shot in town as high winds rip through.

Scene 23: Oncoming pickup truck driving in high winds.

Scene 24: Shot of railroad tracks with high winds.

Scene 25: Blinding rain and wind in Scott City.