5/24/2015 Sarasota, FL US 41 Flood holiday traffic

Seabreeze thunderstorms stall and dump heavy rain on downtown Sarasota FL flooding US41 and frustrating drivers. Holiday weekend traffic in flooded US41. Also at TC 1:43, have beautiful thunderhead at sunset over Gulf of Mexico from Sarasota\'s Lido Key Beach. People on beach at sunset with some lightning.

Shot list:

1) Dash cam drving on flooded US41 downtown Sarasota southbound.
2) Wide shot of flood scene with traffic.
3) Truck and jeep barreling through flooded US41.
4) Chevy truck barreling through flood water.
5) Ford truck barreling through flood water.
6) Black car and van side by side driving in flood water.
7) Yellow jeep with peace sign and dog head out window in flood.
8) More northbound traffic in flood water driving away from camera.
9) Truck pulling a boat on trailer in flooded US41.
10) Convertible driving in flooded US41.
11) Truck pulls into flooded US41.
12) People on Lido beach with big thunderhead in background moving offshore.
13) Sun setting behind cumulonimbus pop-up shower over Gulf of Mexico.
14) Tighter shot of orange sun setting into Gulf of Mexico.
15) Wide shot of thunderstorm growing over beach side lit by sun.
16) Shot of thunderhead with into the blue lightning bolt!
17,18,19,29) Four more lightning shots from the thunderhead.