5/24/2015 Lamar, CO Tornado and huge hail

A massive supercell developed southwest of Lamar, Colorado and intensified bringing hail up to baseball size, several funnels, and a large tornado that appeared long enough to get a view before the rain and hail wrapped it up. The tornado that touched down lifted before it reached US-287 south of Lamar and didn\'t do any reported damage. The hail grew to baseball size and damaged car windshields as that core did make it across US-287.

Scene 1: Shot of large tornado southwest of Lamar in Prowers County, Colorado.

Scene 2-4: Shots of funnel clouds from the storm prior to the tornado, two confirmed before the tornado formed.

Scene 5: Structure shot of storm as it approached US-287 south of Lamar.

Scene 6-10: Various shots of large hail, up to baseball size, falling during the storm.

Scene 11: Shot of cracked windshield during hailstorm.

Scene 12: High winds in the trees as the storm rages on.

Scene 13: Shot of five large stones collected after the storm, one measuring 2.5\"

Scene 14: Shot of two stones compared to a blue golfball and a lime.

Scene 15: Narration with radar behind hail in hand.