5/22/2015 Eastern, CO Wall Cloud and Hail B-Roll

The first of two severe weather days commenced Friday afternoon into the evening as numerous storms blew up across eastern Colorado. The storms prompted severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings as they slowly moved across the eastern plains.

Video package includes wall cloud footage from southern Elbert County and hail/street ponding footage from Deer Trail.

PART 1 (0:00-0:57) Elbert County Wall Cloud

Opens with timelapse of storm and wall cloud, then follows with several shots at different zooms of wall cloud as it moved across southern Elbert County.

PART 2 (0:57-2:48) Deer Trail, Colorado Hail & Ponding

Opens with structure shots, then follows with shots of hail falling on the street and in a pond just south of town. Several shots of some street ponding in town.