5/18/2015 Pecos, TX Massive Hail Storm

A supercell with massive hail unloads on the town of Pecos and surrounding areas dumping 2-inch plus hail accumulating a foot deep. US-285 was brought to a crawl due to accumulating hail with several vehicles stuck on the side of the road. Motorists in navigating through the hail took upwards of an hour to drive just a few miles, left to drive in hail ruts so deep that lower-clearance cars were scraping hail they went over.

Video package includes shots of US-285 south of Pecos during the end of the storm when rain and hail were still falling, but accumulations had occurred and hail fog had reduced visibility to less than a tenth of a mile.

Also includes shots of the Loves Truck stop in town where the northern part of the storm clipped dropping large hail on the truck stop. Shows various people hiding beneath a gas station.

Several shots at the end include some of the 2-2.25" stones found on the ground.