5/10/2015 Carterville, IL Shelf Cloud

A strong line of storms that prompted a tornado watch in Missouri and a severe thunderstorm watch in Illinois moved from far eastern Kansas/northeast Oklahoma all the way across Missouri, into Illinois, and eventually over into Indiana and Kentucky through the entire day on Sunday.  Numerous severe storm warnings were issued for the line and many reports of wind damage came in from eastern Missouri and across southern and central Illinois.  A dramatic shelf cloud was the leading edge of the storms as they pushed into southern Illinois making for a very ominous sky before the storms blew in with rain and heavy winds.

Scene 1: Shot of shelf cloud right overhead.

Scene 2: Shot looking up at a radio tower with very turbulent clouds.

Scene 3: Another shot of shelf cloud moving overhead.

Scene 4: Weak rotation in the clouds overhead.

Scene 5: High winds blowing trees in the distance.

Scene 6: Close up of winds blowing through trees.

Scene 7: POV driving shot through heavy rains.

Scene 8: Small branch knocked down into the road.

Scene 9-11: POV shots of intense updraft of storms.