5/9/2015 Cheyenne Wells, CO Tornadoes

Video includes two of the multiple tornadoes reported in eastern Colorado on Saturday from a long track supercell that moved northeast across the far eastern plains. Multiple tornadoes were reported elsewhere in the state.

Scene 1-2: Tornado #1 southwest of Cheyenne Wells, tripoded with SOT narration.

Scene 3: High contrast handheld shot of tornado near US 40 west of Cheyenne Wells. This was tornado #3.

Scene 4: Back to first tornado southwest of Cheyenne Wells, wider shot.

Scene 5: Timelapse of first tornado moving left to right across screen.

Scene 6: Handheld shot of large first tornado.

Scene 7: High contrast driving handheld of first tornado.

Scene 8-9: Ropey tornado, second one, touching down southwest of Cheyenne Wells.

Scene 10: Rotating clouds overhead.