5/9/2015 Burlington, CO Hailstorm & Flooding B-Roll

Severe weather outbreak unfolded across the high plains on Saturday with over 3 dozen tornado reports in addition to wind and large hail. A severe storm developed south of and moved into the town of Burlington, Colorado on I-70 just west of the KS/CO border leading to hail accumulations in town as well as street flooding. This storm produced hail up to 1.25" diameter hail in town. No tornado was reported in the town of Burlington, but they were left with a mess of hail and water after the storm passed.

Scene 1: Establishing shots of several vehicles hiding under an overpass on I-70 with a "City of Burlington" text on the side of the overpass.

Scene 2-3: Shots of vehicles under the overpass as hail falls.

Scene 4: Wide shot of the overpass from a distance.

Scene 5: A girl covers her face in a hoodie and runs into the hail to get inside a convenience store in Burlington.

Scene 6: A guy standing outside a convenience store in the hail.

Scene 7: A car backing out dumps a bunch of hail on the ground when it turns on the wipers, zooms in to see hail accumulated on windshield.

Scene 8: Red SUV parked with hail falling.

Scene 9: Hail bouncing off the black bed cover of a pickup truck.

Scene 10-12: Hail falling and covering the ground.

Scene 13: Hail covering part of the windshield near the wipers.

Scene 14: Panning shot of gas station parking lot covered in hail.

Scene 15: Looking down a hail covered road south of Burlington.

Scene 16: Cars driving across hail covered road in Burlington.

Scene 17: Pickup truck driving across hail and street flooding in Burlington.

Scene 18: Panning shots of cars driving across hail covered roads in Burlington.

Scene 19: Burlington police with lights on watching the road as water ponds up.

Scene 20: Car driving through street flooding.

Scene 21: Red SUV drives through flooded intersection.

Scene 22: Car drives into flooded intersection.

Scene 23: Oncoming pickup truck drives through street flooding.

Scene 24: Two cars driving through street flooding, one turns into flooded intersection.

Scene 25: Red SUV with hail on the side of the windshield splashes ponding water on road.

Scene 26: Pickup truck parked in the water that's filled up the side of the street.