5/6/2015 Lincoln, KS tornado footage.

A rotating supercell thunderstorm formed just after 2pm on 5/6/2015 and quickly intensified near the city of Ellsworth, Kansas. As the storm passed north of Ellsworth and crossed interstate 70 it developed a large tornado which tracked north and north east paralleling the highway 14 corridor. The tornado crossed highway 14 about 3 miles south of Lincoln, Kansas and stuck a farmstead ripping a roof off of one of their outbuildings.

Shot 1- Storm Chaser Ben McMillan is live on a cable weather network giving reports on the tornado as it is intensifying and approaching the city of Lincoln west of highway 14 and northwest of the chaser\'s location

Shot 2- Multiple vortexes in the tornado are observed northwest of the chasers location

Shot 3- The tornado begins to cause damage and visible debris is observed to the chasers northwest

Shot 4- Tornado crosses the road in front of the chaser to the north and more structural damage and tree debris is observed in the circulation as it crosses the road

Shot 5- Multiple vortexes are observed to the chasers northeast in a field