4/24/2015 Russell County, KS Severe Storms B-Roll

Severe storms erupted over Kansas late Friday afternoon and moved slowly east paralleling I-70 with several reports of brief tornadoes, large hail, and 80mph winds. Storm north of Russell blew over US-281 with 80mph winds and some golfball sized hail. Video package shot 7 miles north of Russell on US-281 when storm blew through.

Scene 1-2: Wall cloud over US-281.

Scene 3-4: Winds in excess of 70mph with rapidly moving rain curtains on US-281.

Scene 5: Near golfball-sized hail bouncing off the ground.

Scene 6: Rain curtains with trees.

Scene 7-8: Near 80mph winds blowing rain across the ground, wide shot and tight shot.

Scene 9: Car disappears into the rain curtains.

Scene 10: High winds blowing near a house.

Scene 11: High winds.