4/19/2015 Malvern, AR Supercell B-Roll

Footage of ominous rotating wall cloud, dramatic close lightning strikes, hail, and double rainbow near Malvern, AR. Supercell thunderstorms caused a big day of severe weather over the Southern Mississippi Valley Region and Texas.

All footage shot during afternoon and evening (mostly during daylight) in/near Malvern, AR.

Shot List:

1. wide shot of lightning bolt next to large wall cloud near Malvern, AR

2-8. various shots of large wall cloud near Malvern, AR

9-11. POV driving shots of large rotating wall cloud moving over I-30 northeast of Malvern, AR

12. POV driving shot of hail falling and cars parked on side of I-30 trying to avoid supercell thunderstorm

13-16. Various shots of close dramatic lightning bolts from supercell thunderstorm

17. Wide very close lightning strike with loud thunder as bolt strikes pole behind car

18-22. various lightning shots in slow motion

23. pushed-in shot of high winds blowing hail and heavy rain as supercell passes over Stuttgart, AR

24. POV driving shot of double rainbow near Malvern, AR

25 & 26. various shots of lightning illuminating updraft of supercell thunderstorm after dark