4/17/2015 Thomas County, KS Tornado, Funnel and Hail Storm

Low-topped supercell storms developed in a high-shear/low instability environment in western Kansas Friday evening leading to many storms producing hail, high winds, funnels, and even a couple of tornadoes.

Scene 1: Shot of tornado south of I-70 in extreme western Thomas County to the southeast of Edson, Kansas.

Scene 2-3: Shots of the of tornado as it starts to rope out southeast of Edson.

Scene 4: POV dashcam of funnel persisting from the brief tornado earlier. This funnel which touched down in scene 1 persisted for over 20 minutes before finally dissipating south of Brewster.

Scene 5-6: POV dashcam of structure of tornadic supercell as it approaches I-70 near Brewster.

Scene 7-9: Storm structure shots southeast of Brewster.

Scene 10-11: Shots of 1-inch hail covering I-70 between Brewster and Colby in Thomas County.

Scene 12: Wide shot of Oasis Travel Plaza in Colby, Kansas in Thomas County as severe-warned storm moves in.

Scene 13-14: Hail coming down on the pavement in Colby, KS.

Scene 15-16: Rain and high wind shot as cars hide under the gas awning at the Oasis Travel Plaza.