4/16/2015 Groom, TX and Sayre, OK Tornadoes

Footage of a multivortex tornado at close range 4 miles east of Groom, TX and a cone tornado West of Sayre, OK, and baseball and golfball sized hail near Reydon, OK. A tornado outbreak struck the Southern Great Plains along with destructive hail and high winds.

All footage shot during afternoon/evening of April 16, 2015 near Groom, TX and Sayre, OK.

Shot List:

1-7. various shots of multivortex tornado east of Groom, TX

8-13. various shots of cone tornado near Sayre, OK

14. pushed-in shot of rotating wall cloud crossing road near Groom, TX

15 & 16. various shots of golf ball and baseball sized hail falling and bouncing near Reydon, OK

17. pushed-in shot of 2 inch diameter hailstone held next to ruler

18. wide shot of thunderstorm gust front behind wind turbines near Groom, TX