4/8/2015 Medicine Lodge, KS Tornado and Golfball Size Hail

Severe storms erupted across Kansas and Oklahoma on Wednesday evening bringing several reported tornadoes and dozens of large hail reports. One storm formed in northern Oklahoma and became tornado-warned after it moved into Kansas and produced several brief tornadoes over the open country west of Medicine Lodge.

Video package shot around the town of Medicine Lodge, Kansas in Barber County.

Scene 1: Brief tornado southwest of Medicine Lodge, Kansas looking south from US-160.

Scene 2-3: Shots of the funnel and rotations of what remained of the tornadic circulation southwest of Medicine Lodge.

Scene 4-5: Shots of the rotation directly overhead, one at realtime and the other a timelapse.

Scene 6: Shot of wall cloud north of Medicine Lodge, Kansas with hail falling in the foreground.

Scene 7-8: POV driving shots through large hail falling on US-281 north of Medicine Lodge. Second shot includes a hailstone smacking the windshield dead center in frame, but does not crack.

Scene 9-15: Various shots of large hail up to 2-inches falling on the highway, grass, and in puddles north of Medicine Lodge.

Scene 16-17: Shots of hail measured just shy of 2-inches in hand, one shot with a quarter on the stone. You can hear large hailstones hitting the roof of the car in the shots.

Scene 18: Hailstone in hand with the ground covered in hail behind it.

Scene 19-21: Shots of traffic and parked cars in the aftermath of the hail.

Scene 22: Panning shot of hail covered ground.