4/3/2015 Southern, IL Pre Dawn Flash Flooding B-roll

Severe storms with torrential rains swept across southern Illinois overnight into the pre-dawn hours dumping as much as 5-inches of rain along the Route 13 corridor between Carbondale and Harrisburg. Flash flooding occurred in several towns along the training storms, closing roads and leave cars stranded in the high waters. A Flood Watch was in effect through Friday night at 7pm, and a severe thunderstorm watch was also issued overnight.

Footage shot in two places, Harrisburg in Saline County, and 40 miles west on IL-13 in Carbondale in Jackson County. See shot list below for specifics.

PART 1: HARRISBURG, IL (0:00-1:56)

Scene 1: Zoomed in long shot of oncoming Camero driving through flood waters on Main Street so deep that it hides the headlights completely under water.

Scene 2: Zoomed in shot of oncoming Camero trying to cross deep waters that hide the headlights. The Camero stalls at the end of the clip.

Scene 3-4: Shot of the Camero that stalled out in the waters.

Scene 5: Water flying up from a sewer lid on the street.

Scene 6: Shot looking down at the water coming out of the sewer lid.

Scene 7: Water coming up out of a sewer lid.

Scene 8: Shot of flood waters that went up to a Harrisburg home.

Scene 9: Shot looking down one of the street in Harrisburg that was flooded and impassable.

Scene 10: Shot of flooded road and intersection.

PART 2: CARBONDALE, IL (1:56-4:49)

Police closed off eastbound Route 13 for several hours until high waters receded. Route 13 is the main east/west ROUTE THROUGH Carbondale. It was opened before 5am.

Scene 11: Establishing shots of the US-51 and IL-13 intersection in downtown Carbondale as heavy rains fall and a car drives through standing water.

Scene 12: POV driving shot following a car through a flooded road.

Scene 13-14: POV driving shots driving along side a car on IL-13 in a foot of water.

Scene 15: A Carbondale police officer stands in front of his car blocking the road to motorists. Shot pans to flooded road.

Scene 16: Shot looking down the flood waters on IL-13 to the cop car blocking traffic.

Scene 17: Police officer directs a motorist down another road.

Scene 18: A second cop car arrives on scene driving through some standing water.

Scene 19: Cop car and pickup truck blocking closed road.

Scene 20: A stalled car attempts to start and plumes smoke from exhaust.

Scene 21: Cop following a car through flood waters near IL-13.

Scene 22: SUV driving through flood waters.

Scene 23: Oncoming car drives through flood waters.

Scene 24: A white SUV drives through flood waters at US-51 and IL-13.

Scene 25: Oncoming pickup truck drives through flood waters.

Scene 26: Traffic driving through standing water on US-51.

Scene 27: POV driving shot in heavy rain.

Scene 28: Wide shot of an intersection in the heavy rain

Scene 29: Zoomed in shot of heavy rain against street light.