3/31/2015 Seminole, OK Damaging Hail Storm

1,2)  Shots of golfball sized hail falling southwest of Seminole, Oklahoma.

3) Hail next to a tennis ball to show size.

4) Driving in small hail with hail fog making it nearly impossible to see the road.

5,6,7) Traffic stopped on highway 377 south of Seminole due to the falling hail.

8,9) Hail covering the ground and splashing in rain runoff south of Seminole, Oklahoma.

10) A semi truck that is stuck in the opposite ditch due to the slick conditions with a hail covered road along highway 377.

11) Driving in hail fog.

12) Cracked windshield due to hail.

13, 14) Hail covering highway 377 shot.

15,16) The severe storm structure from earlier in the evening.