3/22/2015 Gallatin County/Elizabethtown, IL Flooding

The Ohio River at Shawneetown crested late Saturday night at 48.36', over 15-feet above flood stage and the 19th highest crest since records have been kept.  As of Sunday evening, the river was at 47.91' and was expected to fall through the week before falling below flood stage on Saturday.  There are concerns that heavy rain and severe weather that are possible midweek may further slow the fall and keep some areas flooded into the first few days of April.

In and around Shawneetown, many county roads remain flooded and closed county-wide.  Parts of Old Shawneetown are covered in water with several of the town roads covered, but passable.  Several homes have been islanded by the waters both in town and around the county.

In Elizabethtown further south and downstream into Harden County, flood waters have closed off Front Street at Main in town.  The E'Town River Restaurant was cut off and closed due to the road being flooded out.  Several homes had the river in their backyards with others parking boats at flooded roads to get to their islanded homes.

Video package in two parts, first part in Gallatin County near Shawneetown and the second part in Elizabethtown in Harden County, both on the Ohio River.


Scene 1: Shot of the Gallatin County Coon Club building with water halfway up.  The Coon Club part out of the shot, so it just says Gallatin County with the entrance cover in the water.

Scene 2-4: Various shots of the Coon Club in the high waters.

Scene 5-7: Shot of a mobile home surrounded by flood waters in Old Shawneetown.

Scene 8: Shot of a horse at a fence surrounded by flood waters in Old Shawneetown.

Scene 9-10: Shots of the flooded Old Shawneetown Road with the horse.

Scene 11: Flooded intersection in Old Shawneetown.

Scene 12: Wide shot of a Gallatin County home islanded by flood waters.

Scene 13: Tighter shot of Gallatin County home islanded by flood waters.

Scene 14: Shot looking down the driveway of the Gallatin County home showing the high waters over the road and cutting off the house.

Scene 15: Tighter shot of the waters over the road to the house.

Scene 16: Another Gallatin County road cut off by flood waters leaving several homes cut off.  A pickup truck parked in front of the flood with a boat used by residents to get to the truck.

Scene 17: Tight shot of the boat on the other side of flooded road.

Scene 18: Road Closed sign for one of many flodded Gallatin County roads due to flood waters.

Scene 19-20: A Gallatin County road impassable due to flood waters, two different zooms.

Scene 21: Telephone poles in the flood waters.

Scene 22-23: Shots of high flood waters just a couple feet below the wires of powerlines.

Scene 24: Shot of water flowing under a bridge from one of the many smaller creeks that are backed up due to the Ohio River flooding.


Scene 25-26: Shots of a WATER ON PAVEMENT sign in Harden County near Elizabethtown.

Scene 27: Main and Front Street in Elizabethtown where the river has come up.

Scene 28: Shots of a dock and The E'Town River Restaurant in the flood waters.

Scene 29: Tight shot of The E'Town River Restaurant in the flooded Ohio River.

Scene 30: Two boats parked at the closure of Locust Street, both used to get to homes islanded by the river.

Scene 31: Tight shot of the red boat behind the barricade on Locust Street.

Scene 32: Shot of the dock surrounded by the flooded river with a boat dock sign in the foreground.

Scene 33: Boat Trailer Parking Only sign in the flood waters.

Scene 34: Front Street barricade with river flooding behind it.

Scene 35: Tight shot of a backyard with the fence in the flood waters.

Scene 36: Wider shot of fenced and flooded backyard.

Scene 37: Something in the river bobbing in the waters.

Scene 38: Whirlpools in the river as it rushes by some rocks.