3/18/2015 Carmi, IL Little Wabash River Flooding

River flooding continues across southern IL as tributaries of the Ohio River combined with the recent rains are causing several rivers in the region to overflow. The Little Wabash River, a tributary to the also flooding Wabash River which separates Illinois and Indiana, has been on the rise steadily since nearly 5-inches of rain fell in the region over the previous weekend.

The Little Wabash River in Carmi (pronounced Car-My) was at moderate flood state, reaching a level of 33.21\' by 8:30pm Wednesday. The river is expected to crest early Friday morning at a stage of 33.8\', about a foot below major flood stage. The river will slowly fall through next week, expected to fall below flood stage by next weekend. The expected crest will make it the 13th highest crest in recorded history of the site and is the highest crest since the 2011 event where the river reached 38.34\' that May.

The town of Carmi, right on the Little Wabash River, had over a dozen streets in town closed or impassable due to flood waters. Eckerle Park on the east side of town was surrounded by flood waters and was also closed. Several residences had flood waters in yards, but no homes were immediately threatened by the waters.

Scene 1-3: Establishing shots of the Little Wabash River sign and gauge house with the high river in the background.

Scene 4: Tight shot of the river flowing under the bridge of Route 1/14, the main road through Carmi.

Scene 5: Shot of a pickup truck backing into the flooded road.

Scene 6: Shot of flooded closed road on the east side of town.

Scene 7: Wide shot of flooded road with numerous signs in the water.

Scene 8: Tight shot of cross walk sign in flood waters.

Scene 9: Stop sign in flood waters.

Scene 10: Shot of fire hydrant and crosswalk sign in the flood waters on the east side of town.

Scene 11: Shot of a house islanded by the flood waters on the east side of town.

Scene 12: Shot of another house surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 13: Wooden pillars in the flowing flood waters.

Scene 14: Small backyard deck covered in flood waters.

Scene 15: Two people walking in the background of flood waters in foreground.

Scene 16: Closed road on east side of town.

Scene 17: Flooded intersection on east side of Carmi.

Scene 18: Wide shot of flooded road on east side of Carmi.

Scene 19: Another closed road in Carmi.

Scene 20: Another closed road in Carmi.

Scene 21: Tighter shot of water covering roadway.

Scene 22: Shot of road sign and mailboxes in flood waters.

Scene 23: Shot looking down flooded road with telephone poles on the right side of street.

Scene 24: Shot of flooded park in Carmi.

Scene 25: Tight shot of river flowing past trees.

Scene 26: Wide shot of flood waters with trees.