2/23/2015 Sarasota, FL Nighttime Sea Fog

Very dense sea fog settles into downtown Sarasota and many coastal areas of SW Florida overnight.  Downtown, people, traffic, and boats in extremely dense sea fog.

Shot list:
1) Palm and barely visible high rise building downtown in heavy sea fog.
2) People walking Ringling Bridge in heavy fog.
3) Guy walking sidewalk along road in heavy fog.
4) People walking Ringling bridge in extreme sea fog.
5) High rise along Sarasota bay front in heavy sea fog.
6,7,8)  Traffic in heavy sea fog on Ringling causeway.
9)  Tower and palm in sea fog.
10,11)  Downtown Sarasota US41 traffic in sea fog.
12)  Construction crane in sea fog.
13,14)  Marina with boats and docks in sea fog.
15) People walking marina area in fog.
16) Young man on skate board in fog.
17) Boats at docks in fog.