2/22/2015 Sarasota, FL Not Cold & Icy

Not everyone is covered in ice in the US. Florida quickly recovers from the cold snap as Sunday\'s day time temps hit 83F in Sarasota with bright sunny skies. People hit the beach to soak up the sun, warm up, and dance around a bit at the Sunday night Siesta Beach drum circle.

Shot list:
1) Looking south on Siesta Key Beach as girl in bikini walks through.
2) Couple on beach bikes on a sunny gorgeous Siesta Key Beach with lots of people.
3) Boy jumps on skim board while Dad repositions his beach chair in the water.
4) Lots of people on beach with yellow lifeguard tower in background.
5) Woman in beach chair taking a load off.
6,7) People sitting in beach chairs with beach umbrellas.
8) Tracking shot of guy and girl walking along the shore. People in water behind.
9) Tracking shot of two guys walking the beach.
10) Wide shot of sun sparkling on the Gulf of Mexico.
11) Silhouette of two guys standing in the water talking.
12) Pan of drum circle spectator crowd on Siesta Key Beach. This starts every Sunday at about 5pm until dark if the weather is good.
13) Drummers, flutist, and their eccentric entourage.
14) Drummer drumming.
15) People dancing in drum circle.
16) Spectators in chairs around the edge of drum circle.
17) Drummers and \'dancers\'.