2/2/2015 Groundhog Day Northeast Blizzard

Groundhog\'s Day Footage of stranded vehicles in deep snow on I-90 near Springfield, MA. Footage of emergency vehicles, snow plows, and traffic in dangerous driving conditions in major winter storm pounding New England. This winter storm hits same areas still digging out from a historic blizzard-Nor\'easter from only a week ago.

All footage shot during morning & afternoon (daylight) of February 2, 2015 in or near Springfield and Worcester, MA.

1-4. Various shots of a car stranded in deep snow in ditch with assistance with snow falling

5. POV shot of semi truck in ditch with emergency crews

6-8. various shots of several vehicles stranded in deep snow on I-90

9 & 10. pushed-in shots of man pushing snow blower clearing sidewalks

11. POV driving shot of \"Reduce Speed, Use Caution\" electronic highway warning sign on I-91

12 & 13. Shots of cars buried in deep snow along side of neighborhood street

14 & 15. various shots of traffic in neighborhood with piles of snow, snow on road, and snow falling

16-18. various shots of traffic on I-90 snow falling and snow on road

19-21. various POV driving shots of heavy snow & snow-covered highway with Springfield, MA skyline

22-25. various POV driving shots of team of snow plows & pol