2/1/2015 Jackson, MI Winter Storm Messy Snows

Winter storm continues to unleash it\'s wrath on southern lower Michigan. Many motorists found themselves inconvenienced by the deep and slick conditions found facing the roads. Fender benders, along with getting stuck, seemed to be a common theme in play. The storm will continue to dump a few more inches overnight with gusty winds causing near blizzard conditions for the morning commute.

Scene 1-4: Motorist stuck in snowy parking lot, with bystanders helping to push the car onto the road.

Scene 5-8: Rescue and police responding to calls and accidents.

Scene 9: Driving on interstate.

Scene 10: Man scraping off car.

Scene 11: Hazardous conditions on road, with bystanders.

Scene 12-13: Bicyclist braves the storm.

Scene 14-15: Downtown Jackson with falling snow.

Scene 16-20: Traffic on hazardous roads.

Scene 21: Quiet downtown Jackson.

Scene22-23: Driving on hazardous roads.